DHI Hair Transplant

What exactly is Dhi the hair transplant procedure?

For the Direct Hair Implantation Dhi hair transplant technique, similar to that used in the FUE method, hair follicles extracted one by one from the donor region are transferred directly to the recipient's area in contrast to FUE and FUE using sapphire techniques.

Dhi hair transplantation method using Choi Pen implantation pen is often referred to by the name direct hair transfer, which is a no shaving hair transplantation. Dhi hair transplantation for women has gained much attention due to the non-shave option.

DHI, like FUE with sapphire, is a hair-transplant method based upon removing follicular hair units. Choi Pen is one of the most advanced techniques that expands the possibilities and options of hair transplantation solutions.

What do I get Dhi hair transplantation carried out?

Dhi hair transplantation is different from the other in the process of applying. Anesthesia is administered throughout the head to ensure that direct transplantation is done in the recipient region shortly after the hair is removed from the donor region.

For the Dhi hair transplantation procedure, the hair graft harvested at the donation site is transferred directly to the area that produces hair. It is not left outside and without the requirement to open a channel within the place of transplantation before.

To accommodate the various dimensions of the hair follicles, a variety of implant nibs with Choi tips of multiple sizes are utilized to accommodate the different thicknesses of hair follicles during Dhi hair transplant surgery.

Advantages of Dhi Hair Transplant Turkey

For Dhi hair transplantation, hair follicles will be transplanted into the recipient area within a short time after their removal, which means that the loss of hair follicles in the procedure is not significant since the period required to remain out is extremely short.

The healing process for wounds is quicker following Dhi hair transplantation.

It is among the hair transplant methods with the lowest risk of bleeding and infection.

Hair transplantation without shaving is an important benefit of this Dhi hair transplantation method.

DHI is the best method to restore hair loss following hair transplantation.

DHI is a huge benefit when it comes to severe hair loss and early hair loss.

The disadvantages of DHI hair transplantation

It is among the most costly methods for hair transplantation.

The art of mastering the use of Choi Pen requires years of experience

Contrary to what is commonly believed, contrary to what many believe, the Dhi hair transplant procedure is an aesthetically risky procedure that requires a lot more skill.

This Dhi hair transplant procedure could be longer than standard FUE hair transplantation.

After DHI hair transplantation

Dhi hair transplantation can be a pleasant procedure following procedure. With the help of pens of different thicknesses and Choi tips that are adjusted by the size that each hair has, the process is finished with as little damage as possible.

The procedure followed after Dhi transplantation of hair is similar to that used the other methods of hair transplantation.

The first wash/wound treatment following Dhi hair transplantation

The first wash and care for the wound are performed within two to three days after the surgery. Hair follicles are assessed in the donor area and in the locations where hair transplantation is being fulfilled. If there is no problem, the patient is informed about the procedure's progress following the hair transplant.

Shock following transplantation of hair DHI

It is the loss of initial hair that is weak after hair follicle transplantation before new hair development. This is known as excessive shedding within the studies on hair transplantation. Shock sheds develop in various ways in every patient. It may occur in a different timeframe or at a later point. Support via remote and advice is provided to the patient about handling the shock shedding.

What happens to hair growth in the aftermath of Dhi Hair transplantation?

Before getting new hair after hair transplantation, the wound healing process and the shock shedding phase need to be mastered. The process varies between individuals. Because wound healing is quickly following the Dhi hair transplantation procedure, the time required to grow new hair is shorter than the conventional FUE method.

One year following Dhi hair transplantation

One year after the hair transplant, the first hair to grow after the loss of hair from the impact is stronger, and the transplant is about to take its final form.

Dhi Hair Transplant Prices

Dhi hair transplantation can be a pricey hair transplantation method compared to the cost of FUE hair transplantation. The two Choi Pen and tips and labor costs add to the Dhi hair transplantation price.

Dhi Hair Transplant in Istanbul

Istanbul Hair Clinic Org's knowledgeable team, cutting-edge technical facilities, and top-of-the-line medical environment ensure DHI transplantation of hair in Istanbul is an unforgettable experience.