Hair Transplant Turkey Cost

Turkey is a great place to get hair transplantation. Around 1,000,000 men worldwide choose Turkey for their hair transplants.

Types Of Hair Transplant Price Range in Turkey Price Range in the UK Price Range in Europe Price Range in USA
Fue Hair Transplant € 1799 – € 2500 £ 4690 – £ 10090 € 3450 – € 4850 $ 8000 - $ 15000
DHI Hair Transplant € 2490 – € 4000 £ 10600 – £ 13090 € 5550 – € 31190 $ 10000 - $ 20000
Manuel Fue Transplant € 3490 – € 5990 £ 15750 – £ 30090 € 12700 – € 41390 $ 12000 - $ 22000
Sapphire Fue Transplant € 1999 – € 4990 £ 5750 – £ 14090 € 4700 – € 6300 $ 10000 - $ 24000

Individuals in many European countries have difficulty deciding if they are able to afford a hair transplant. The procedures are costly and each graft is charged separately. Many Turkey hair transplant clinics offer "All Inclusive" services. All transfers and housing are included in the package. Additional grafts will not incur additional charges. There is no hidden cost, so there is no doubt that patients can afford the surgery.

Hair transplants in Turkey are about one-third to one-fourth the cost of those in the United Kingdom and other European countries. A hair transplant in Turkey is usually charged at a cost of between 1,300 and 2,00 GBP by most Turkish clinics.

What skincare steps should you be taking before hair transplants?

If you have an issue with the scalp, it is treated before the surgery. Antibiotics are recommended in the event of acne. Excessive dandruff needs to be treated. If any skin lesions might be cancerous, they must be treated before surgery and then sent to an exam. If a wig has been used before hair transplantation, it will be halted for 1-2 weeks before. If it is fixed to the skin using an adhesive, you must remove that adhesive from the skin. Before the procedure, you shouldn't use cosmetic products, such as hair gel. If products that stop hair loss, such as minoxidil, are employed, it is recommended that they be stopped one week before the procedure. Remember, we will cut that hair loss at the clinic on the day of surgery.

Who is eligible for hair transplants?

Anyone suffering from hair loss can undergo hair transplants if your donor region is adequate for the patient. The FUE technique is suggested for patients who do not want to leave a horizontal scar on the donor's area. The FUE procedure is indicated for those treated with FUT or FUE previously. FUE is a good option for patients who have little or no hair loss within the crown region or around the hairline. They are more likely to develop baldness shortly and could require a third or fourth procedure.

Who isn't a candidate for hair transplants?

If you have a systemic illness that could be a reason for caution against local anesthesia, then the hair transplantation should be done after treatment for the disease. It's not advised for patients with unrealistic expectations and whose donor's area is insufficient. Patients with skin disorders are not recommended to undergo hair transplantation until their condition is taken care of. Before the procedure, the B12, B6, and zinc levels must be expected. It would help if you treated thyroid disorders. The blood sugar levels must be

Scheduled for people with diabetes. You should identify psychological conditions like trichotillomania OCD and depression, and body dysmorphic disorders.

Should hair transplants be carried out before the loss of all hair?

People whose hairline on the front or crown region is bald, however other areas do not, might be unsure regarding undergoing a hair transplant. According to the literature, it's aesthetic surgery. The hairline's receding or an opening in the crown region could cause discomfort. It is possible to perform the procedure without waiting for the remaining hair to shed in such instances. We can repeat the process FUE procedure shortly. If the remainder of the hair is falling, another procedure can be carried out without creating an unnatural look. You can repeat the process over time.

What are the guidelines post-operatively following hair transplantation?

It would help if you shielded the recipient's area from any injury. It is essential to rest at the rear to reduce the swelling present. Because of the edema associated with the procedure hairline may appear to be asymmetrical or even far further back, even though it's not. In reality, it is possible to perform similar assessments after eight months. The idea of driving home will not be recommended. The patient can begin taking medication prescribed by doctors at home. It is advised to eat a light meal following the procedure. Alcohol and smoking are not recommended for ten days following the process.

What are the steps to follow when the scabs are removed?

Turkish swimming pool, bath bathing, sauna, and other strenuous activities are not advised for an average of one and a half years. It will help if you avoid alcohol and smoking. Patients can utilize the shampoo utilized before the operation.

The transplanted hair will fall out over time?

The hair transplanted is shed within 3 to 4 weeks following the operation. This is referred to as shock loss. In the hair, follicles get transferred. When hair is cleared, the hair roots stay underneath the skin and start to develop hair. The hair begins to show up in about three months. They do not all appear in the same way. The growth of hair continues throughout an average of five months and then increases in size and density, and it continues to grow until the 8th month. Unproportional density and asymmetry in particular areas could be seen. This is why it won't be correct to judge the results within this time frame. A minimum of 8 months is sufficient for evaluating the results. The scars fade in the initial 8-12 months, and a growing hair density is seen. Between months eight and twelve months, the natural appearance starts to emerge. At least one year is required to evaluate how the structure will be. Since the hair follicles that are implanted are not affected by the DHT hormone, there isn't any hair loss comparable to male pattern hair loss.

Is there any redness following hair transplants?

There is a possibility of swelling as the scars heal. For skin that is not sensitive, this redness is anticipated to fade in 10 days. However, it could last longer for sensitive skin.

Is Turkey the ideal option for hair transplants?

Turkey is the ideal option on earth for a hair transplant. There are many other places where you can get the highest quality hair transplants. However, they all are more costly. It's precisely why medical tourism is growing at a rapid rate.

When choosing the best doctor to have my hair transplanted in Turkey, what should I consider?

In the multitude of clinics throughout Turkey, there are a variety of highly-rated clinics located in Istanbul. It is advised to find out all you possibly can regarding the treatment provided, the promise of medical care in the clinic or hospital, and the process of transplantation itself. The clean and sterilized environment that goes along with the procedure and the standard of care offered by medical professionals, and the level of experience that experts in hair transplantation have. Also, you should read online reviews written by patients who have had the procedure to determine the type of patient(s) who are pleased with the clinics they have chosen.