FUE in Sapphire Transplant

The FUE technique using Sapphire could be described as the most advanced variant of the FUE technique that performs wonderfully in hair transplantation by using instruments that have sapphire tips.

Because of the sharp tips of Sapphire, open wounds in the harvesting of hair follicles cause less deformation, and hair transplantation can be performed using a finer technique. Sapphire tips enable hair transplantation to be performed at a shorter distance because they minimize in size of the cut. So, the wish of a stronger hair transplant is a reality when you use sapphire FUE.

What is the process behind FUE using sapphire help?

FUE using Sapphire is done similarly to the traditional FUE. The stages of construction follow the same procedure as FUE:


Hair follicles are collected one by one using sapphire tips

Start the channels one at a time in the receiving area using sapphire tips

Hair transplantation of follicles

FUE using Sapphire is a process that requires greater studies and surgical expertise in comparison with other techniques. The need for experience is particularly important for more advanced methods like FUE that use Sapphire. The fact that you can get a hair transplant using the most effective way for hair transplant doesn't mean the most effective results from hair transplants can be 100% guaranteed.

FUE that uses Sapphire is a technique for hair transplantation that demands attention and superior performance. Hair transplant surgery using FUE with Sapphire may last for more than eight hours.

The advantages of FUE Hair Transplantation using Sapphire

In the FUE method, Sapphire ensures that the risk of tissue damage is reduced.

The risk of getting infected after FUE using Sapphire remains minimal.

Healing is speedier when using the FUE method using Sapphire.

FUE that incorporates Sapphire allows making the most of the hair grafts as it permits for regular hair transplants

Because of FUE using Sapphire, it is now possible to obtain consistent and natural results for hair transplants.

Prices are more expensive than traditional FUE costs are higher than conventional FUE. Furthermore, the cost of labor is a costly hair transplant procedure. The expenses of FUE that uses sapphire Turkey remain low compared to Europe.

After FUE hair transplantation, you can use Sapphire.

Because the incisions used of FUE with sapphire FUE hair transplant procedure are smaller and less pronounced, it is easier to stop bleeding following hair transplantation. The small wound depth minimizes discomfort and pain following FUE using Sapphire. In addition, the process following FUE hair transplantation using Sapphire is similar to traditional FUE:

The first wash or care for the wound following FUE using Sapphire

Within a day following the procedure, wound care is provided by nurses who specialize in hair transplants or hair transplant specialists who have specific hair transplantation solutions. The hair follicles are transplanted, and the donor site is assessed.

Shock loss following FUE using Sapphire

After FUE hair transplantation, using Sapphire, there's an event known as shock shedding. It is a component of hair transplantation that lasts for a period of 1 to three months. The hair strands with weak hair are the first ones to emerge from the hair follicles transplanted. They are detached.

How long will hair grow after FUE and Sapphire?

Since the healing process is more rapid, hair might develop a bit earlier following FUE that contains Sapphire. However, you must not forget that the speed of hair growth differs from person to person and even between seasons. After FUE treatment with Sapphire, hair growth will occur according to your rate, dependent on the rate of change in your hair after an impact on hair loss.

FUE with Sapphire one year following hair transplantation

FUE using Sapphire for hair transplantation is among the most sophisticated techniques for hair transplantation that produces amazing results when it comes to hair transplantation. Because it can be performed even on extremely fragile hair strands naturally, you can create exceptionally lush hair. After one year of the FUE procedure for hair transplantation using Sapphire, you'll be able to have beautiful hair that will be with you for the rest of your life.